marble acp sheet
Elevate the aesthetics of your space with Marble exterior ACP sheets. Thanks to the rustic and rich appearance, marble finish sandwich panels have become quite popular for exterior cladding over time. Our Marble ACP sheets come with a range of remarkable qualities, including exceptional flatness, higher building insulation, multiple thicknesses, and lightweight.
Take a glance at our Marble ACP sheets, displayed below.
Moreover, compared to natural marble, Marble ACP sheets are better suitable for modern architecture and considerably less expensive. We currently offer six different marble exterior ACP sheets in different patterns and colors ranging from black, white, golden, and red. These tones are compatible with almost every architectural style and building theme.

Available Products

Additionally, all of these products are available in multiple dimensions, including 220mm x 2440mm, 1220mm x 3050mm, and 220mm x 3660mm. Besides, the thickness ranges from 2mm to 5mm. The best part about Areca's exterior marble ACP sheets is that they all come with a 10-year warranty! Meaning, you won't have to bother about ACP sheets for the next ten years!

The Benefits of Using Marble

Work Smooth
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The Aesthetics

Make Your Building

Safeguard The
Property From Harsh
Weather & Dust

Recycle For A
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