glossy exterior acp sheet
The use of glossy ACP sheet will help your place stand out from the crowd. The exterior ACP sheet's glossy surface will shine brightly and give a unique visual appeal to the entire structure. Our glossy ACP panels, which are available in three distinct colors-white, black, and red-could be the ideal ACP option you are looking for. Depending on your needs, you can choose a single color or a combination of two or three colors.
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Like all other Areca aluminum composite panels, Glossy ACP sheets are manufactured with high-quality materials and undergo multiple quality-enhancement processes to give them the high strength to endure weather, UV radiation, and other factors. Additionally, the remarkable flatness ensures that your space receives the perfect look and strength that it demands.
These glossy, facade ACP sheets come in multiple sizes, including 1220mm x 2440mm, 1220mm x 3050mm, and 1220mm x 3660mm, as well as thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 6mm. In addition, we provide tailored ACP solutions to match the specific requirements of our valued clients.

Available Products

These glossy, facade ACP sheets come in multiple sizes, including 1220mm x 24400mm, 1220mm x 3050mm, and 1220mm x 3660mm, as well as thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 6mm. In addition, we provide tailored ACP solutions to match the specific requirements of our valued clients.

Features Of Glossy ACP Sheets

1. Low maintenance: Glossy ACP sheet’s smooth surfaces make them self-cleaning in nature. Once you have installed our glossy ACP sheets you can simply forget about them. These sheets can provide stunning visuals for a long time without compromise.

These sheets do not require frequent cleaning, and when they do it is fairly straightforward. A simple wipe and you are good to go! We have set very high standards for our ACP sheets, thus, allowing us to deliver exceptionally low-maintenance glossy sheets.

2. Visual Effects: The gloss finish on ACP sheets gives them a sleek and shiny look. Such a look is popular among several commercial buildings because of its eye-catching appearance. The glossy finish also performs better than the painted glass sheets as they are much more durable and pack a lot more strength.

3. Insulation: Glossy ACP sheets have insulating properties, meaning they can offer protection from external disturbances such as heat and sound. These sheets are often seen as external decoration for commercial buildings as they enhance aesthetics and provide insulation.

4. Versatility: Glossy panels are fit for a lot of occasions. These sheets go well with several commercial settings and signboards. The shiny look of these sheets imparts a beautiful visual appearance to the structure and makes it stand out.

5. Performance: Glossy ACP sheets perform significantly better than their alternatives. The strength, durability, insulation, and aesthetics combine to deliver the owner a sleek and long-lasting look. These sheets are also easy to transport for long-distance as they can withstand extreme environmental stress, the reason they are popular for external applications.

Applications of Glossy ACP Panels

Glossy sheets are used in several external and internal settings because of their attractive appearance and strong structure. These sheets are popular among architects and can be seen quite often on several commercial structures. Here are some key applications of glossy ACP sheets.

1. Decorative Pieces: Glossy ACP panels have an eye-appealing look and possess the ability to attract. Hence these tiles are used by designers rather actively in malls, workshops, and many more commercial and educational buildings.

2. Wall Claddings: Glossy ACP sheets are also popular materials for cladding. The external covering for structures or coating is known as cladding. Because these sheets can withstand environmental stress they are popular as a cladding material in the construction world.

3. Roof Edging: Roofs are another space that is exposed to the external environment. External factors such as sunlight, heat, cold, rain, and moisture do not affect glossy ACP sheets that much and these sheets can prevail in such conditions without getting their look ruined.

4. Signage: Glossy panels are attractive pieces of work, thus acting as excellent signages. Signage requires a material that can be easily shaped and can attract people’s eyes, and that's exactly what glossy ACP panels do!

5. Shop Fronts and BillBoards: Glossy sheets can be leveraged to display the store name and display attractive designs by combining other colors. The same sheets can also be used for billboards to make them stand out in the crowd.

The Benefits of Using Glossy

Give a Unique
Visual Appeal

Give the Perfect
Look & Strength

High Strength to Endure
Weather & UV Radiation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • What are the Popular Applications of Glossy ACP Sheets?
    Glossy aluminum composite panels are made from high-quality materials and go through multiple quality-control processes. These ACP sheets are used for a variety of applications including wall cladding, roof edging, shop fronts, and facade decoration.
  • What are the Advantages of Glossy ACP Panels?
    Glossy ACP Sheets have many significant advantages, such as giving a unique visual appeal, giving the perfect look and strength, and the biggest advantage of using them in the building is that it protects against UV radiation and is excellent fire-resistant.
  • What is the Price of Glossy ACP Sheets?
    Glossy ACP Sheets are the most popular among companies and homeowners. This sheet costs ₹70-80 per square foot, If you're seeking a low-cost and also good-quality ACP sheet, Glossy ACP panels are the ideal choice for cladding your structure.