facade acp sheet
Galaxy facade ACP sheets, like Mirror ACP sheets, are a unique ACP solution that you should consider for the exterior of your property. Areca's Galaxy Series is particularly known for its distinctive qualities, which include celestial colors and finishes as well as exceptional weather resistance. Galaxy ACP sheets give your workplace a stellar, magnificent aesthetic that is entirely out of this world.
Take a peek at our Galaxy ACP sheet collection displayed below.
Furthermore, Galaxy aluminum composite sheets enhance the structure's elegance. It has a smooth look, no color difference in the same direction, superior flatness, and excellent field processing. The fundamental advantage of this aluminum composite panel is that, despite its lightweight, it is incredibly robust and strong.

Available Products

Our Galaxy ACP sheet collection currently has two options: black and white. You can pick either one or both of them for your space, just like any other collection. Moreover, when you buy a facade ACP sheet from Areca, you will have the option of selecting from a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

The Benefits of Using Galaxy

Enhance the
Structure's Elegance

Give Your Space a Stellar
& Magnificent Aesthetic

Weather Resistance

Give Smooth
Look & No Color Difference
in the Same Direction