acp sheet quality
acp sheet quality
Areca promises 10 Years Warranty

Raw Materials Assessment

When raw materials arrive, our QC department extensively inspects them. If any of the materials are discovered to be of inferior or sub-standard quality, they are thoroughly rejected and discarded.

In-process Testing

In addition to the process itself, the ACP sheets in production are inspected during the manufacturing process. Our quality control team will ensure that the manufacturing process runs properly.

Post-Production Evaluations

After the product is manufactured, it is subjected to a series of quality tests, such as an endurance test. Only those Aluminium Composite Panels that pass all of these tests successfully are made commercially available.
Areca ACP Sheet Manufacturer


At Areca, we have a multi-stage quality control system in place to ensure that we only produce the best quality Aluminium Composite Panels that are highly durable and free of defects. For example, each raw material is inspected upon arrival before being sent to the manufacturing facility.
Similarly, our skilled quality assurance staff is always on the field during the process to ensure that each ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel) sheet goes through every manufacturing procedure required to achieve the highest level of excellence. Following that, the finished items are subjected to a series of examinations before being distributed to the market.

Eco Friendly

Water Proof

Superior Flatness

UV Resistance

ACP Sheet Price

ACP Sheet prices depend on a range of parameters, including material, texture, thickness, size, order quantity, and contract terms. Moreover, raw material prices also impact the cost of ACP sheets.
For all of these reasons, it is impossible to put a single price tag, when it comes to ACP sheets cost. However, we assure you that our ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel) products are the most affordable in the market.
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acp sheet price