acp sheet manufacturer
Areca ACP Sheet Manufacturer
Areca ACP Sheet Manufacturer
Established in 2017-18, Areca has become a reliable name in the industry offering a wide range of state-of-the-art Aluminium Composite Panels.

About Areca

Shield & Beautify your space with Areca’s lightweight,
robust and flexible ACP Sheets
Founded in 2017, Areca is a renowned ACP sheet manufacturer in India, known for its quality products and an extensive collection of ACP sheet solutions. We boast and leverage innovative technology and methods to produce the finest quality Aluminum Composite Panels that are both attractive and affordable.
Our comprehensive product line incorporates a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, allowing architects and consumers to select the best sandwich ACP panels that help them achieve the desired aesthetic appeal and substantial strength for their interior or exterior spaces.
Visit our collection, quality, and blog sections to learn more about Areca and to better understand our ACP products and policies.
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Areca's Vision
Our Vision
Areca's vision is to establish ourselves as the world's most reputable and renowned ACP sheet manufacturer by delivering the best ACP products and exceptional customer service to our customers.
Our Mission
Our mission is to develop the most revolutionary ACP sheet products that the world requires by using best-in-class technologies, putting the greatest minds to work, and adhering to sustainable practices.
Areca's Mission

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