rustic facade acp sheet
Looking for something different than a wooden ACP sheet or a marble ACP sheet? A rustic ACP sheet could be an excellent option. As the name suggests, rustic sandwich panels feature a rustic surface with a wooden impression. The rustic texture mimics the flawless hardwood appearance while creating a contrasting motif.
Take a peek at our rustic ACP sheet collection displayed below.
The same qualities of natural wood, such as crevices, fissures, and scratches, gives these facade ACP sheets a natural wood look that one might expect. You can use these sheets in place of natural wood to save money while also giving your home more strength than natural wood. Unlike natural wood, rustic ACP sheets can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Available Products

Our low-cost rustic ACP sheets can be used for a number of exterior applications such as facades, signage, elevation, and much more. We currently have four different rustic ACP sheets in our collection, each with its own unique color and texture. Choose the best one that precisely shadows your dream and enhances the overall appearance of your space.

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