Wooden interior ACP sheet
Wooden look or wood finish never goes out of style. It was there in the 1980s, it is here in 2021, and it will be there in 2050 too. Wooden texture ACP sheets are ideal for individuals who want to give their space a more natural feel in interiors and exterior space. Instead of real wood or concrete, you can use wooden interior ACP sheets, which are easy to install and affordable.
Our wooden interior ACP sheet collection comprises six distinct products with varying color/pattern surfaces. Some of the patterns are reminiscent of woods like oak, black walnut, maple, and cherry. Take a look at our wooden interior ACP sheet panels displayed below.

Available Products

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wooden interior acp sheet
wooden texture acp sheet
wooden acp panel
acp wood finish
wood acp sheet
All of these variants are also available in various sizes, including 220mm x 24400mm, 1220mm x 3050mm, and 220mm x 3660mm, as well as thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 6mm. Our high-quality wooden interior ACP sheets can be used for various purposes, including partitions, interior walls, doors, and ceilings, among others.
The extraordinary properties of these sandwich panels, such as flexibility, fire resistance, low weight, and eco-friendliness, will ensure that your property gets a highly durable structure that will last for years.

The Benefits of Using Wooden

Easy to Install
& Affordable

Create a Natural
Vibe & Give Your
Space a Rich Aesthetic

Protect From
UV Radiation

Long Lifespan &
Minimal Maintenance